So many trips, so many amazing paragliding memories.

Here are a few...


Gavin McClurg

"Hats off to Himalayan Sky Safaris for an EPIC 10 days in Bir, India. Ticked all the boxes I wanted to tick. Flying the new Niviuk Artik 3 got three 100+ km days, flight to Manali over the back. Biv vol at 3500 meters with John Silvester ("Birdman of the Karakoram") and some very healthy shepherd dogs in WAY sub zero temps (thank god for FIRE!), then a flight back the next day at 5200 meters in strong air and seriously insane surroundings. Holy exposure! This place is just amazing and the boys at Himalayan put on a hell of a trip. Kudos and thank you."

Fiona and Angus Macaskill

“Just to say thanks to all of you for giving us a great trip - memorable and fun.”

Mike Jardine

“I had the best flying of my life in a wonderful location with three skygods - Jim, John and Eddie - providing great company, guidance and inspiration. Coupled with the whole Indian experience, it should be the ambition of every free flyer to get out to Bir with these guys. Unmissable.”

Bob Saville

“Thanks for a great time in Bir, the experience was the best. I will come again”.

Colin Hawke

It's been on my paragliding wish list for some time and so I finally went on a trip in October, and what a trip it was! 


Greg Walsh

“In short, we flew every day for 10 days in a row. It was easy. The guiding was excellent. Shortest flight was 1.5 hours and longest 5 hours. Distances were 20-40km out and returns (40-80km round trip). I landed in the landing paddock every day. There were several occasions where we had to remind ourselves that it was all real and not something out of a travelling paraglider's fantasy.”

Mark Gilthorpe

“Hi guys!  Hope you are having fun and the comp isn’t proving to be too busy and getting in the way at all.  I had a fab time with you all and wanted to say thanks for the great company and all.  Looking forward to next time we fly together. 

Maurice McBride

Conditions were strongly thermic without being unpleasant. Hopping from spur to spur we soon found ourselves 13km from take-off under a low cloud base that obscured nearby peaks. Mistakes were made (write down 100 times: I will not cloud fly in the Himalayas) but we thermalled well in the easy conditions...

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Richard Barber

“The best experience of my paragliding career.”