Himalayan Sky Safaris Kit List


Prepare for your flying kit thinking for good high summer alpine conditions. We’re likely to all be on EN B or C’s. In Bir itself, most wings are appropriate however for the vol-biv experiences confidence on your equipment is essential.

Please take the wing you are most familiar with, top landing requires finesse and you’ll feel better over the back. Trusting your wing and your ability on it is much more key than the increased glide or speed.

Similarly light kit is advantageous for big hikes but those are very rare where help with carrying isn’t possible. It is more important to consider the implications of poor or difficult landings.


Insurance:                             To include rescue and medical cost (please send copy). We will be unable to guide without evidence of suitable insurance. Also required for local passes.

2m radio:                               Please ensure this is opened for most frequencies. Headset is optional but a listening device is preferred.

Reserve:                                 Essential

Water container:                    Useful but Mineral water bottles are adequate.

Flying clothing + layers:         Think layers and zips as the temperature range can be considerable. Gloves, a good set for high altitude over the back or on the High Dauladhar is very helpful or at least some heat pad inserts. (Although it is not normally necessary to be high for long.)

Sunglasses, sun cream:           Great particularly if you’re a great big ginger like me.

Basic first aid                        We all have some experience in this and have all attended suitable courses. If you have training, helpful experience or any personal medical issues please ensure we are informed. It is also advisable to share this with other group members.

Gps:                                         Optional but very useful - in air, in accident scenarios and fun to share and learn from the track logs .

Sat phones/SPOTs/ Delormes:       

We will have some but the more the merrier. SAT phone are illegal in India and can get you in a lot of trouble in rural areas. However the advantage of this is allegedly this means that if used it does motivate the military to find you! A SPOT/delorme is strongly advised particularly if you plan any extended solo flights. It's also a great one to show off to friends and family. We will share tracking details. We may have 1 or 2 available for rent or purchase.

Sleeping bag:                         For the safari camping days blankets can be provided so not essential. However very useful for Bivy days.

A National Qualification:       Evidence of training is necessary for the Indian passes.

Opened mobile phones:          Very helpful, Indian sims are cheap and the easiest general communication on the ground.

Passport photos:                  It’s necessary to arrange a local pass up to take off. I think 4 copies are needed; Indian Bureaucracy is a behemoth they inherited from the British and subject to change!

Billing launch Pass:              4 passport photos, copies of national qualification, insurance to include medivac are required. Copies of passport photo page and visa with entry stamp


If anyone requires extra kit please contact us so we can advise on what we consider to be the best. We might also be able to provide it very competitively.

 00 44 (0)7768 646434



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