This is our most popular option. 

1:1 guiding is the way to improve your skills as quickly as possible, whether you are an experienced cross-country pilot or a relative novice. In 2011 we had our old client and friend Gavin McLurg return for a tour with John. Their amazing week’s flying included an out-and-return vol-bivouac to the mountain above Manali, with a night spent at 3500 metres.

The following tour we were joined by actor Dominic West, star of The Wire, who also opted for 1:1.

Before he arrived his longest flight was 15 minutes, getting 200 feet above the grassy slopes of Wiltshire. On his second day flying with Jim, he spent three hours in the air, covering 30km at heights of up to 3400m.

The first few days will usually be flown within a group, but since you will have a personal designated guide, if your flying speed is faster than the gaggle, you have the potential to lead off and make full use of the day. Conversely, should you get stuck low, the guide will be able to come down and help locate the climb quickly, so staying with the group.

Later in the week, we can fly to the overnight destination(s) along with the group, or take a more adventurous route to the same goal field. The guide will be able to tailor flying to your ambitions and ability, whilst staying within a comfort zone. It would also be possible to make more difficult and ambitious flights over the back, possibly to Manali, or Parasar lake.

Knowing where you are going is the key...

Knowing where you are going is the key...

Whilst we strive to make flying  as safe as possible in each guiding option, we believe that safety is highest when we work 1:1. This is the only time that it is possible to fly individually with a pilot and as we always try to land with you, helping select the most suitable landing option.

For this reason, private guiding is not only suitable for the ambitious advanced pilot who wants serious exploration, but also a sensible option for any pilot who wants to progress as quickly and safely as possible.